The Sustainable Traveler

You either own an electric car or don’t own a car at all. You prefer to use your bike or the bus/subway as a travel method. You probably enjoy camping over huge hotels and like to spend time outside of the busy city.

Tips & Tricks to improve your sustainable practices:

  • Try to take your bike to work at least one day per week.
  • When on the road, avoid single-use plastics, keep a reusable water bottle on you, and Tupperware for food!
  • When traveling, visit parks and nature conservations, and ensure that your money goes to the local communities.
  • If you’re planning a trip to any coastal destination, choose one with a Marine Protected Area to ensure the involvement of local communities in protecting landscapes and aquatic life.
  • Opt for eco flights. There are many ways for your flight to be labeled “eco” or “green”, including the use of biofuel on an aircraft, flying on an aircraft that maximizes space, and an airline taking steps to eliminate single-use plastic. The availability of eco flights is only increasing and you can learn more about them here.
  • Use Reef-friendly sunscreen. Also known as “mineral sunscreen”, this is a sun cream that doesn’t have certain chemicals that will ruin your skin and the ocean. You can find these in grocery stores and pharmacies, as popular destinations like Hawaii and Florida’s Key West have even begun to ban sunscreens that contain reef-harming chemicals.

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