The Minimalist Maven

You usually think twice before buying something new and the Facebook marketplace is your favourite shop because you love thrifting. You can wait a long time before changing your phone because sticking to essentials is important for you. You only buy things that will last a long time even though it’s expensive.

Tips & Tricks to improve your sustainable practices:

  • Make a “do not need” list. If you have not used them for over a year then they are most likely just taking up your space. Put unnecessary things on the list and get rid of them.
  • Switch to online payments and forget about paperwork.
  • Learn to live with less. Learning how to live with less will help you in every aspect of your life. For example, you get used to travelling with fewer things, you buy only what you need and you discover the value of things you already have. Reducing your needs is not just an economic question, but it is about learning to live only with the things that are important to you.
  • Don’t buy, repair! Because of mass production, it is cheaper to buy a new thing than it is to repair the one you already have. That is true for many appliances, tech gadgets, clothes and more. But, if you buy higher quality items, you will be saving your money in the long run. You will also live a more eco-friendly life. Don’t leave unnecessary waste behind you while you go through life. Be smart, live green and be a truly sustainable minimalist. Repair what you can.

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